ADHD challenges include task initiation, motivation, and organization, impacting work and relationships. Procrastination, messiness, and unintentional conflicts are common. Intelligence may mask ADHD, leading to late diagnosis and feelings of control loss. Treatment aims to enhance control, organization, and motivation for a less overwhelmed life.

Diagnosis involves CPT, interviews, and additional data. Treatment includes medication, CBT, and lifestyle changes like exercise and improved sleep to manage ADHD, focusing on behavior, cognition, and self-esteem, with regular symptom and medication tracking.


High-functioning autistics struggle with ADHD, social anxiety, and feeling disconnected, often without realizing they’re autistic. They face challenges in relationships and self-acceptance. Key interventions include diagnosis, support, lifestyle changes, and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help them embrace their identity and improve well-being.


Therapy offers LGBT+ individuals a supportive space to explore identity, tackle stigma, and improve mental health through affirming practices and resilience-building, enhancing overall well-being.

Appointment Types and Fees

Appointment to assess and document mental and physical health and history, establishes diagnoses, and creates an initial treatment plan together.


The typical follow-up appointment format, allowing sufficient time to follow up on medication management and/or engage in psychotherapy and other integrative interventions.


Ideal for clients who are stable on their current treatment plans and just need a focused follow-up visit to check in on treatment progress and make small adjustments as necessary.


(This does not include initial intake appointment; includes testing appointment and follow-up consultation appointment)

Testing and Assessment is to understand your strengths and challenges. My personalized approach helps identify areas for improvement in attention, focus, and executive functioning, guiding strategies for a better everyday.


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