In my practice, I often see people who face challenges but were never diagnosed because they function well on the surface and don’t seek help. I’m dedicated to providing excellent care to those with invisible disabilities, whether they’re successful professionally or not. I frequently emphasize to newly diagnosed ADHD or ASD clients and their families the legitimacy of their struggles. Personally understanding the difficulties of being a smart neurodivergent person, I’ve witnessed the harm caused by missed diagnoses and lack of treatment. I firmly believe that with the right support, individuals with ADHD and ASD can make significant positive changes.

Medication Management

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: I begin by conducting a thorough psychiatric evaluation to understand your specific mental health concerns, medical history, and individual requirements.


  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Based on the assessment, I develop personalized medication plans that consider your diagnosis, medical history, lifestyle, and treatment goals.


  • Shared Decision-Making: I strongly believe in collaborative care with every individual. I work closely with you, keeping communication lines open to monitor your progress, discuss any concerns, and adjust treatments as necessary.


  • Education and Support: I provide comprehensive education about prescribed medications, their potential side effects, and how to manage them. I also offer ongoing support to ensure your comfort and understanding throughout the treatment process.


  • Tailored Treatment Plans: I believe in the power of personalized care. I collaborate with you to develop tailored treatment plans that address your unique needs, challenges, and goals.


  • Various Therapeutic Modalities: I offer a range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based approaches, and more. We personalize the therapy approach based on what works best for you.


  • Supportive and Confidential Environment: I provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you can openly express your thoughts and feelings. Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to me.


  • Skill-Building and Coping Strategies: Through psychotherapy, I aim to equip you with practical skills and coping strategies that empower you to manage stress, regulate emotions, improve relationships, and navigate life’s challenges more effectively.

Assessment Types

After your initial intake appointment, we would meet for about two hours to complete a structured interview related to ADHD symptoms and computerized testing of your concentration over time. You will also fill out some rating scales and may ask friends and family to complete them too.

We start with the initial intake appointment, which covers your medical and psychiatric history and current symptoms. We would then have a series of appointments to complete tests and assessments to help us identify your strengths, challenges, and whether these align with the current diagnostic criteria for autism. Given that I am both autistic and an adult, you can rest assured the process will be respectful, neuro-affirming, and informative.

Consultation for Healthcare Providers​

I provide consultation services for other providers, including case consultation, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment planning. After meeting with your client and completing the appropriate assessments, I will provide a focused diagnostic report, including testing outcomes and treatment recommendations. My consultation services are designed to provide guidance, expertise, and collaboration to support your practice and enhance the care you provide to your clients.